Eddy & Helen Muskus

Dear Friends, 

After a long pause since December 2021, it is now time to write again to update you regarding our work here in Valencia. In short, I resigned from the pastorate at La Parroquia after 17 years of service in that congregation. We felt it was time to move leaving behind brethren in Christ whom we have loved and cared for all these years. The leadership of the church including the Eldership took a direction incompatible with the Gospel, hence we felt unable to continue. My work as a Pastor and leading the Social Work stopped last December. This was a sad decision but necessary for our spiritual well being. A turning point in that decision was the text I cited in my last prayer letter: 2 Timothy 4:1-2 which came like a thundering bolt into my heart to make the right decision. 

Since the beginning of 2022 we have been visiting “La Buena Nueva”; this is an evangelical independent church with a long standing testimony in Valencia. Recently the church issued a call to the pastorate to a new minister who will take over from June onward. Pray for a suitable home as they are moving from the south of Spain to Valencia. I have preached on several occasions there and we are pleased as a family to attend there. The church has an evangelistic outreach in Picassent, just outside Valencia, where they hold services on Sunday evenings. We are looking forward to participating and taking up preaching engagements. Please pray for this new situation, and how the Lord is leading us in the near future. 

The work with the publishing house Editorial Peregrino is thriving; we produce Reformed, Biblical and solid Christian literature. On 19 March we held our Peregrino Conference after a two year stoppage; we heard about Revival and its need for this present time; the Lord blessed our time together. We also began the year with interesting projects with new publications. At present, our General Director is in the USA speaking about our work in liaison with our working partners there. The visit includes stopping at Cuba where we publish and distribute books, a particular project is the Peregrino Commentaries; we are in the process of printing a series covering the 66 books of the Bible. Please, pray for this effort, the finances and wide distribution among pastors in Cuba. Continue to pray for both the Board of Directors and the Editorial Board currently under my responsibilities. Pray for wisdom. 

As a family we are well health wise; we want to express our thankfulness to you all for your support and prayers on our behalf. Continue to remember our families in the UK and Venezuela; both our parents are ageing without any major health problems for which we are thankful. 

Thanks for being there. 


Valencia, April-May 2022