About us

We are a congregation of about 400 people, although somewhat larger when the students are here during the academic year. Our heritage is Welsh Presbyterianism , but we became an independent evangelical church in 1971. The church was established in 1901, and we have sought to maintain a clear stand for the Gospel ever since. You can read about our history by clicking here.

Our style of worship is deliberately plain and simple, as we wish to focus entirely on God Himself. The central features of our Sunday worship are :

  • reading the Bible
  • prayer
  • preaching
  • singing hymns

Sunday morning
The Sunday morning service begins at 10.45; the preaching focusses mainly on all those texts in the Bible that tell of the Gospel, the “good news”, for the benefit of both believers and those who wish to learn what the Gospel itself actually is.

Children of primary school age have their own spot with a talk addressed specifically to them, and many come to the front of the church to recite the week’s memory verse, before they go out for their own classes in Sunday School.

There is also a crèche which is held during the morning service. If you would like to listen to the morning sermon but do not feel able to keep your young child with you, we would be happy to take care of them for you. Just bring them out when the children leave for Sunday School. They can enjoy playing with our range of toys, and you can pick them up at the end. (All Sunday School teachers and crèche carers are DBS-checked.)

Sunday evening

In the evening, the preaching is primarily aimed at believers, instructing them in God’s Word, His will and His ways. There is an opportunity after the evening service for informal fellowship where people mix happily together.


Communion is held twice a month: after the evening service of the first Sunday in the month, and after the morning service of the third Sunday. Communion is open to all who profess faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord.


The congregation is a good mixture of generations, cultures and occupational backgrounds. There is a special provision of simultaneous interpretation for Farsi speakers in both services.

Membership is open to all who profess faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord. Any enquiries need to be taken to the pastor, or if he is away, to one of the elders. A person formally becomes a member by welcome at the evening communion service.

Associate Membership is also available. It is normally held by those who have been full members or long term visitors but who have now moved away, but wish to retain their connections with us.

There are plenty of  activities during the week; have a look at the list of meetings.

We seek to respond to the Lord’s Great Commission locally, nationally and internationally as we perceive His guidance.

Statement of faith